84 Clinton

We provide outdoor event opportunities in an unexpected environment. Located in Manhattan's Lower East Side we pride ourselves in catering to a diverse group of event curators, and love to host events that match the whimsical and interesting nature of our space. Our unique space is equipped to serve an array of events including small weddings, parties, launches, and performances. Apart from being a stellar event space we give you hands on assistance throughout the booking process, as well as the day of the event. In booking with us you will have access to your exclusive list of vendors that serve small proprietary events throughout New York City. We are pet and child friendly and allow AV hookup.


Our venue at 84 Clinton is in the back of a fully functioning Lower East Side flower shop. When your guests arrive at the venue they will be greeted with a lively store front, enticing them with a colorfully mysterious and simple “flowers”. They will be walked through a narrow expanse brimming with live flowers and colorful decor. Your guests will get an unexpected surprise when they open the door to see the venue you’ve chosen for them: A 900 square foot open air backyard space, surrounded by pinewood fencing, vibrant green artificial grass, fresh living greenery, and comfortably crisp outdoor furnishings. Our raw event space allows you to customize the look and feel of your event, but one thing is certain : it will be a unique and memorable New York City experience.


We have two expert staffers, one to assist you in the booking process, and one to serve as an on site point of contact throughout the duration of your event. This ensures a smooth process from the initial point of contact, to the end of your event.

Bill Frazer: Booking Co-host. Bill Frazer knows how to throw a party. He’s been a florist, specializing in events and catering for over 50 years. He understands deliverables, and what each unique endeavor requires in order to be successful. You will be put to ease by his down to earth and clear knowledge of what to expect from your event. He will guide you through the booking process, making sure that each detail of your event is sorted out before your guests arrive.


Erinn Shaughnessy: On Site co-host. Erinn Shaughnessy is a fun and welcoming host who’s job is to help you and your guests feel cared for during every aspect of your event. Erinn is your on sight point of contact on the day of your event, and will assist you in prepping and staging all necessary details before your guest arrive. She will check off each item before your start time, so you are able to enjoy your party along with your guests. 



All of our events require a 2 hour minimum with a 12 hour maximum allotment time.

On all events booked before March, 01 2020

$200/hr for the first 2 hours

$500 for 3 hours

$150 for every additional hour past 3 hours

Contact for booking info

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