Meet The Girls

Elizabeth is not like most girls. Her small head makes her stand out from the rest, and she accents it with beautiful long curls and a velvet hat. 

Peggy is a true victorian princess. She's the type that asks you to lay your jacket down so her shoes don't get dusty (and it makes sense, because they're nice shoes)

We aren't going to sugar coat it - Tatiana is a little creepy. Her arms are in this permanent dancing position, because she is always dancing.

We all love Gabby, and how could you not? She doesn't stand up because she has a glucose deficiency and is tired a lot of the time. Her perfect yellow dress is as immaculate as her short blond bob that she pins back with a flower band,

Mary Ann is most noted for her beautiful, big blue eyes that match her dress, shoes, and big bow. Her pendant necklace is her prized possession, and she loves reading (or being read to, rather, about wild fairytales and princesses)

Jennifer is the most stately of the crew (even more than Victoria). She has mysterious dark eyes, and doesn't socialize with the others. She does, however, love her doll which, if you ask us - looks a lot like her.

Tina is a crowd favorite. The Most lovable (and least creepy) of all the girls, she is 17 inches tall, but she will say she is 18in. She carries her bunny everywhere she goes.

Victoria is the most refined of the group. She keeps a watchful eye on the young ones, keeps her outfit clean and snag free and always stands up straight at an impressive 24 Inches.

Veruca is the sure wild card of the group, as one of the youngest, she is also one of the squirmiest. She has a small scratch on her face she got playing little league softball. 16in

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